LinuxPR: The Linux Store goes ‘Cool’…

“TheLinuxStore.com and CoolKeyboards Corporation partner to
bring you
a new “Cooler Everything Linux.”

CoolKeyboards Corporation, manufacturers of the ‘Linux Cool
Keyboard’ announced today that they have established a distribution
agreement with ‘The Linux Store’, a division of EBIZ
Enterprises…to distribute the ‘Linux Cool Keyboard’
on their
web site www.thelinuxstore.com. In addition to reselling the ‘Linux
Cool Keyboard’ as an accessory, TheLinuxStore will provide it as an
option on all of their Element-L (TM) Linux systems.”

“Keith Levey, CoolKeyboards C.E.O. tells us, “The Linux Store is
including the ‘Cool Keyboard’ as an option on every ‘ElementL®’
system they build, from the $399 ‘Ion’ Desktop system, the
‘Eclipse’ Workstations, all the way up to their Dual Processor
‘Photon’ Power Servers.”