LinuxPR: Trolltech offers a choice in licensing with the addition of GPL licensing

“Trolltech announced today that it will license the upcoming
free version of Qt/Unix 2.2 under the GPL (GNU General Public
License). Developers will have the option of using the open-source
version of Qt 2.2 under either the QPL (Q Public License) or GPL
license, depending on their licensing requirements.”

“Qt licensed under the GPL will allow developers of free
software to use Trolltech’s GUI application framework for free. Any
software produced with Qt under the GPL license, and any
derivatives of this software, must also be released under the GPL.
As before, any user who wishes to create proprietary or closed
source software must first purchase a development license from

I am very pleased to see that Qt is now available under the
GPL,” said Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software
Foundation. “This is a big win for free software and a great gift
from Trolltech to the community.