LinuxPR: Webb Interactive Services, Inc. Sponsors New XML…Open Source Instant Message Technology

“Webb Interactive Services, Inc…announced today a commitment
to support and integrate Jabber.org’s effort to create the world’s
first open source, XML-based instant messaging technology.
Coincident with this commitment, Jeremie Miller, Jabber.org’s
founder, has joined Webb and will continue his role in managing the
open source initiative.”

“The commitment from Webb will include funding, software
development resources, and community management services in an
effort to help increase the momentum and support for Jabber.org.
Webb will integrate the Jabber IM system into its CommunityWare/XML
platform. Through this commitment, Jabber.org will receive
increased developer attention that will accelerate the momentum to
create a truly open environment for future Internet messaging

“As we were engineering an XML-based architecture for
CommunityWare, we became aware of the growing movement to open
source IM, and performed a detailed engineering review of the
software under development,” explained Chris Fanjoy, Webb’s Senior
VP of Technology. “Jabber’s architecture of employing XML as
the transport protocol, interoperability with other IM services and
open development access to a wide variety of web environments was
We chose to throw our support behind this open source
movement, and help propel a truly open, next generation