LinuxPR: WholeLinux 4 Minute Installer Evolves into the SuperAuk DSL Network Appliance

“WholeLinux, Inc., the author of the world’s fastest automatic
installer for Red Hat 6.1 has released the SuperAuk DSL Network
appliance software for generic PC’s. The SuperAuk uses a
desktop administration paradigm for push-button mail, web, user and
fileshare management, and allows anyone to set up a complete
home/office network solution in less than an hour.

“WholeLinux Inc, a Santa Cruz based software developer will
introduce its new offering, the SuperAuk E-Business MultiServer at
the Santa Cruz Tech Expo today, at booth # 803.”

“The SuperAuk is the first web-enabled, high-speed DSL
MultiServer software appliance which installs automatically on a
standard, low cost PC in 4 minutes or less. The developers at
WholeLinux designed this product to address the need for small and
medium sized businesses and home offices to securely connect to the
internet and to exploit the high speed capabilities of DSL. The
product has a built-in graphical program for easy setup of a
complete solution for networks of Windows and Mac machines, without
requiring any specialized knowledge of networking or Linux.”