LinuxPR: Yellow Dog Linux Supports New IBM B50

“Terra Soft Solutions, Inc. announces Yellow Dog Linux Champion
Server 1.1 optimized for three IBM RS/6000 servers: the new
“Pizzazz” B50, the 43P Model 150, a uniprocessor workstation and
entry-level server, and the F50 server which may utilize up to four

Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server, Terra Soft’s premier
Linux operating system, is designed for a wide range of
applications including Internet service for ISPs, communications
for corporate intra/extranets, and a wide array of network

“The B50 and YDL is a marriage of a classy case and lean
operating system … a real powerhouse with the Yellow Dog
virtually flying with the IBM Pizzazz,” states Stephen Edie,
Software Engineer for Terra Soft, “It’s a pleasure to take for a