LinuxProgramming: Cold Fusion 4.5.1 for Linux: Bringing Linux to the Enterprise

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“One of the biggest criticisms of Linux in the IT world is the
lack of available robust server-side applications. Sure, you have
Apache and sendmail, but you don’t have the wide range of server
products, like application servers and database-management
products, that you do in the Solaris and Windows NT world.”

“By and large that’s true, but more and more server-software
vendors are realizing that Linux support is a smart business
proposition, provided there are accompanying software tools to fit
specific needs. The latest entry in the Linux enterprise-software
field is Cold Fusion 4.5.1 for Linux. Allaire pioneered the
application-server field, and with this upcoming release, Linux
should be considered as a serious player in the enterprise-server
market. Cold Fusion 4.5.1 for Linux joins IBM’s WebSphere and BEA’s
WebLogic as serious enterprise-level application server that run on

The lack of Linux support isn’t the only criticism that
Allaire addresses with version 4.5.1. A pleasant surprise is the
added emphasis on Java within Cold Fusion.
In the past, Cold
Fusion was built around a proprietary markup language, CFML, that
never really gained wide acceptance past the Cold Fusion audience.
While we’re not going to get into a deep discussion of the CFML
markup language–Cold Fusion devotees defend it in much the same
manner as Tcl devotees defend Tcl and Perl devotees defend Perl–it
was clear that if Cold Fusion were to ever gain a wider acceptance
in the application-server world (where Java now reigns supreme) it
would need to address Java support at some point.”

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