LinuxProgramming.com: Book Review: Teach Yourself GTK+ Programming in 21 Days

The Bottom Line

A solid guide to GTK+ programming that should be read by just
about anyone working with that toolkit.

The Review

Teach Yourself GTK+ Programming in 21 Days (hereafter
TYGP) starts exactly where one would hope such a book
would start, with the question, “What is GTK+?”, and manages to
keep it balance throughout approximately 850 pages of text (not
counting the index).

As with all of the SAMS “21 days” books, TYGP is
divided into 21 chapters, referred to as “days”. In this case, the
chapters cover an introduction to GTK+, an overview of GTK+
applications, basics of GTK+ programming, providing online help,
menus and other widgets, graphics, fonts, GDK and GLib programming,
many more widgets (lists, trees, buttons, containers, etc.), and
everyone’s favorite GUI programming topic, drag and drop. The book
also includes six appendices, which provide the answers to the
questions at the end of each chapter, a C programming review, an
annotated, alphabetical listing of the GTK+ widgets, a listing of
the relevant function prototypes, datatypes and structures for GDK,
GLib, and GTK+, and some information on Xlib and Motif programming.
The book provides a very well rounded treatment of GTK+ and (most)
related topics.

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