LinuxProgramming.com: Highlight Project: diet libc

diet libc, a more
compact version of libc, by Felix von Leitner

“diet libc contains just the bare minimum, i.e. the system call
wrappers (including socket stuff) and malloc and friends, to create
small, statically-linked binaries under x86, SPARC, PPC, ARM, MIPS,
and Alpha-Linux.”

License: GPL 2

Platforms and formats: diet libc is available
as Linux source code through both CVS and http download from the
main project page. diet
libc is known to work with Linux on the x86, SPARC, PPC, Alpha,
MIPS, and ARM platforms.

Status: Version 0.7.2, beta

Why Highlighted: You’d be hard pressed to find
a project that has more potential to be useful and is a better
example of an open source programmer “scratching an itch” than diet
libc. This project also nicely demonstrates how effective careful
software engineering can be in pursuing a difficult goal.

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