LinuxProgramming: X-Designer 7: Motif 2 GUI Builder for Linux and UNIX Launched

“Imperial Software Technology today announced that it
is now shipping X-Designer 7: Enterprise Edition, a major new
version of its graphical user interface (GUI) builder for Motif,
Windows and Java. Leading the list of new features is full integral
support for Motif 2, the latest version of the standard GUI toolkit
for UNIX and Linux workstations. Now designers of application
interfaces for UNIX can take full advantage of the features and
power of Motif 2, confident in the knowledge that they can
transition these interfaces to Windows and Java for full
cross-platform capable applications. X-Designer 7 meets the
requirements of Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act by being
fully keyboard accessible, the only product in its class to do so.
Also new to X-Designer 7 is the ability to save GUI designs in XML,
which makes the saved design available for processing by further
tools, such as design documentation utilities or for translation to
other types of interface.

X-Designer 7 has a legacy application migration feature which
enables existing Motif applications to be ‘captured’ by the tool,
optionally pre-structuring the interface for generation as a Java
GUI. Automated testing of interfaces is available using the
built-in XD/Replay technology.

‘We’ve introduced X-Designer 7 because of the unprecedented
demand for a Motif 2 builder from the customer base, and the huge
interest shown in downloads from our web site of the Motif 2 books
and the toolkit itself,’ said Derek Lambert, president and CEO of
Imperial Software Technology. Commenting on the name ‘Enterprise
Edition’, Lambert said ‘We use a tagline to underscore the theme of
the release, and X-Designer 7 will be used in major enterprises
throughout the U.S. and world wide.'”

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