LinuxTests.org: The fleminge of wrecches; why Linux is successful

“The more things change, the more they remain the same. Only one
year ago Linux was the darling of the media and Wall Street. Linux
was a Prince that potentially would overthrow the King of OSes,
Windows. Today, Linux articles are filled with dyspeptic gloom and
opinions about the failure of Linux to grab a large market share or
mind share.”

“Complaints about Linux focus on a few statements generated by
spinmeisters. The spins are then repeated by many Johnny come
lately newbies (in the truest sense of the word – new boys who hide
their skills).”

“The first spin is that Linux isn’t Windows. The second spin is
that Linux is too hard to learn. Third, a subset of number two,
Linux is for Geeks.”

“Advocates who fall for these comments respond that Windows
users are inept folks who just don’t get it. They argue that Linux
is more stable, Linux is free, Linux is a Command Line OS and
should never be like Windows, and ultimately, Linux allows someone
to get under the hood of an OS and make changes.”

“We are inclined to agree with most of the above. In fact, we
argue that the above reasons are exactly why Linux is


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