LinuxToday.com.au: Linux and Napster – The Paradoxical Parallels

[ Thanks to renai43
for this link. ]

At first sight Napster has little in common with Linux.
Look below the surface and you’ll find there’s a deep philosophical
link that goes way beyond technology and points the way to a freer,
more democratic future.

“Just in case you’ve spent the last few months on a mission to
the Gamma Quadrant, let’s recap. One is an open source, Unix-style
operating system for low cost computers; the other is a program for
sharing music files online.”

“Napster’s main claim to fame is that it allows people to listen
to near CD-quality music without paying. Many in the music industry
argue, with some justification, that Napster encourages copyright
theft. Maybe. What is beyond argument is that Napster enables
copyright theft.”