Linuxtopia.com: Don’t do it for Money

[ Thanks to Troy for
this link. ]

“When most people hear the term “Linux”, all they know about it
is that it’s a free operating system. Instinctively, they think
“How does one support himself by way of free software?” There are a
myriad of ways to make money off of open source software in
general, and Linux in particular. Just look at RedHat Software for
an example. I think it’s great that people have found ways to
make a living by doing what they love, and working on Open Source
software, but I am bothered by people who are jumping on the Linux
bandwagon simply to cash in.

“Now what’s wrong with making a quick profit? People who got in
on the RedHat IPO got an eightfold return on their investment
within days, so why shouldn’t you strike gold? The answer’s simple,
and twofold.”