LinuxWorld.com: A Mutt that isn’t a dog

“Why chose text-based Mutt over the GUI alternatives? I
configured Mutt to behave exactly the way I want an e-mail client
to behave, and I haven’t found a GUI replacement that gives me the
range of customization features that would let me make it as easy
to behave as Mutt.

For example, here’s how I want to move a message from the INBOX
to a folder called NewsAlerts. I want to press Control-N. That’s
it. I can remember the keystroke because I get many news alerts and
because NewsAlerts starts with the letter N.

I don’t want to drag the message to a panel that displays all my
folders in a tree view, because I often miss and drop the message
into the wrong folder. Sometimes the target folder I want isn’t in
view, so I have to scroll up and down the tree to find it.”


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