LinuxWorld.com: Linus tries to make himself scale

“Torvalds has spoken in the past of the evolutionary
nature of the development of Linux. For the first time — at least
the first time that I am aware of — major figures in both the
Linux kernel developer community and in the greater circle of open
source/free software are openly speaking of rebellion. However, not
everyone is confident that Linux can survive and thrive without its
creator and lead architect at the helm.

I asked Cox how he saw Torvalds’ regime being “overthrown,” and
whether he thought the new regime would be a simple replacement of
Linus or something new altogether. He replied:

‘A simple replacement of Linus has the same problems
the original did, coupled with probably having poorer taste and
less people skills. Short term I suspect we’ll have a shouting
match, everyone will then go back to doing things roughly the same
way but modified a bit by what they learned.'”


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