LinuxWorld: KDevelop, OK!

Even though KDevelop is only in beta (the second beta,
actually…), it’s very functional and well documented. I must
admit, I’m impressed with the level of quality

“What will KDevelop offer that Code Fusion doesn’t? Visual
design tools that generate source code. KDevelop allows you to
create KDE applications, Qt applications, and console programs in
C++ and even pure C. Of course, the graphic design tool won’t do
you much good while you’re writing console programs…”

“The first time you launch KDE, it starts you out in the User
Manual of the documentation. Unless you tell it not to, it will
also give you a Tip Of The Day every time it’s launched. The User
Manual is packed with information on how to use the product;
however, it’s only a part of the total documentation set, which
also includes a Programming Handbook, tutorials, a KDE Library
Reference, and a KDE 2.0 Developer Guide. KDevelop assumes you have
C++ skills prior to using it, but if yours are as minimal as mine,
there is also a C/C++ reference guide downloadable from the
KDevelop site.”

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