LinuxWorld: Linux an integral part of Compaq’s enterprise Unix strategy

“April 6, 1999 — Compaq Computer Corp. today will announce that
it is incorporating Linux into its enterprise Unix strategy. The
computer manufacturer will be porting some Tru64 Unix development
tools to Linux later this year, and will introduce customer support
services for Linux operating systems running on the company’s Alpha
and Intel servers within 90 days. The company will also unveil its
next-generation, four-way Alpha server (which can run Linux) and
new “uniform shared root” clustering software (which will
eventually be ported to Linux) later today.”

“Compaq intends to increase Linux and Tru64 Unix application and
product compatibility, the company said in a press release. Compaq
is porting its Tru64 Unix Alpha Fortran and C compilers, along with
the associated runtime libraries, to Linux later this year. The
company said that it will consider porting additional compilers and
development tools to Linux as “more requirements are

“The company will also begin to offer customer support for Linux
running on Compaq’s Alpha and Intel servers within the next 90
days. This will initially focus on call-center support. Compaq will
help customers take advantage of Linux open source code development
and will assist customers in obtaining code updates to Linux. These
services will begin first in North America and thereafter in other

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