LinuxWorld: NiL isn’t Liero – Meet the open source networkable shooter that has Linux gamers buzzing

It may not be Liero, but it is addictive, fun, and violent.
Newcomer Lee Anderson dishes up a review and all the instructions
you’ll need to install NiL and get down to killing some friends.
And isn’t that what open source is all about?

“Ever wondered what it would be like to take Worms, the MS-DOS
side-scrolling war-fest, and recreate it in a manner that many,
including myself, could only dream of? Imagine this title without
the mundane turn-based play, featuring Quake-like weaponry and a
far more addictive, fast-paced multiplayer emphasis. The final word
for this dream is simple: NiL.”

“NiL is a remake of a little-known title called Liero, a
freeware game that runs on DOS. I interviewed the author of NiL via
email and discovered some interesting facts behind the game
development and design. I discovered that the creator, designer,
and all-round good guy behind NiL, Flemming Fransden, had stumbled
across Liero at a demo-party in the former East Germany. When the
author of Liero was apparently uninterested in making the source
code available or porting it to other platforms, Flemming set about
reimplementing Liero from the ground up — under the catchy name
NiL — for Linux.”