LinuxWorld Open Source Supplement

Eileen Cohen

LinuxWorld, the online magazine for Linux professionals, invites you to
participate in Tapping the Source, our special supplement on open source
software at the upcoming LinuxWorld Conference & Expo (March 1-4 in San
Jose, CA).

If you or your group are involved in an open-source development project --
large or small -- and will have any kind of presence at the show, you are
invited to contribute information now about your project. We'll make sure
it's listed on Tapping the Source so that members of the Linux community
can, at a glance, find out how to learn more about your project while at
the show.

The Tapping the Source supplement can be found at

Right now, we are building the comprehensive listing of all open source
software at the show. Please let us know about your product or development
project at http://www.linuxworld.com/expo, provided it meets all three of
the following qualifications:

* It runs on Linux

*It is licensed under an Open Source (tm)

* There is some tangible way for readers to learn more about your software
* while at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo. You will qualify, for example,
* if someone from your group is attending the show and willing to meet
* informally with attendees, if there's a tutorial or technical session
relating to your software, if you're an exhibitor, or if you'll be holding
an informal meeting or a birds of a feather session).

Tapping the Source will eventually include:

* A detailed list of open source development projects people can get
* exposure to at the show, aimed at helping attendees network with the
* developers who'll be available there

* In-depth profiles of specific show-related open source software for the
* desktop, for servers, and for development.

* Discussion forums

* News and daily reports from the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
* Polls

* A virtual message board

* Attendee writeups of the conference sessions

Contact the Tapping the Source editor, Eileen Cohen ([email protected])
for more information.