LinuxWorld: Quake III Arena – Death by rocket launcher

Quake III Arena is a real, honest-to-goodness multiplayer
game. You can play the single-player test zone against the computer
just to hone your skills, but that’s not nearly as enjoyable as
reaching across the Internet and sharing a grenade with another
troubled soul.

“Even in single-player mode I found the game riveting in its
gore and violence — but playing against 8 to 39 other people pumps
gallons of adrenalin through your system, making your heart rate
leap from normal to frantic….”

“The multiplayer mode comes in several forms: Free For All or
DeathMatch (DM), Team DeathMatch (TDM), Capture the Flag (CTF),
Tournament (TOU), and One On One (1v1). When you connect to the
list of available game servers on the Internet, you will see each
game described as being in one of these categories. Here is where
the real fun begins, as you match your dexterity and wits against
the minds of human opponents.”