LinuxWorld: The Corel Linux test drive

“Having great hopes for this new distribution, I took my beta
copy of Corel Linux for a spin. Corel seems to understand
exactly what is needed to make Linux palatable for the home user.
And, based on the demonstrations at LinuxWorld Expo, it seemed like
Corel was making remarkable progress.

“Perhaps I had set my expectations too high, because I was
sorely disappointed. But I still think Corel Linux is the
distribution to watch. If Corel makes the right moves, the success
could be overwhelming.”

“Corel has a unique opportunity, particularly because it has
chosen to base its distribution on Debian. Debian is a terrific
Linux distribution; among its many strengths are stability and ease
of maintenance. But Debian also has two major problems: it is
difficult to install, and it lags way behind other distributions
when it comes to including the latest and greatest software.”

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