LinuxWorld: The gift of open source; KDE2 and a wealth of browsers

“The Konqueror file manager, which doubles as a Web browser,
is the best graphical file manager I’ve used on any platform.

And KOffice looks terrific, although I don’t use it much. It just
doesn’t have the features I need. Take the word processor, KWord,
for example. It is surprisingly feature rich for an open source
application that was written from scratch, but it doesn’t do
something as simple as word counts. That’s an essential feature for

“I am more pleased with the news reader for KDE, called KNode.
It beats the pants off the Netscape news reader for speed and
usability. It’s a pleasure to run Knode when I participate in the
LinuxWorld.com NNTP forums.”

“Konqueror as a Web browser still does have a few minor bugs,
and it lacks a few features found in Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera,
so I’m flirting with the idea of switching browsers. But right now
I find myself using Konqueror more than any other. It is fast,
renders pages well, and can use all of my Netscape plug-ins.”

“The reason I haven’t made up my mind on which browser I
prefer the most is because this year has seen a bumper crop of
Linux browsers.
In addition to the KDE2 Konqueror browser,
there’s the ever-maturing Mozilla, Netscape 6, Galeon, Opera, and

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