LinuxWorld: The Mozilla story: Milestone 10

“I first wrote about Mozilla in July, wondering as I typed if
the project would be a bust or, at some date in the future, another
popular success story for the open source community.”

“As a result of feedback on that column, I learned a lot more
about Mozilla. Correspondence with members of the Mozilla team,
email from readers, and personal investigation of releases since
then have all added to my knowledge base.”

“One of the things I learned was that perhaps I had been less
objective than I should have been the first time around. One of the
reasons for the attitude that I brought with me to the keyboard was
the Mozilla project’s connection with AOL.”

“That’s unfortunate, because the developers of the Mozilla
project had nothing to do with AOL — not prior to AOL’s
acquisition of Netscape last November, at least. The Mozilla
team were not, and are not, responsible for the things which have
made so many (including me) dislike and distrust the world’s
largest ISP.

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