LinuxWorld: The Napster gap

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“How record companies could embrace Napster and maintain

“The open source movement has inspired countless debates about
copyright issues, even in areas having nothing to do with source
code. One such issue came to mind recently when I discovered a
utility called Napster. Napster searches for Internet databases of
recorded music, connects to the one that it determines to be the
best, and lets you to browse the collected files. If you find any
songs you like, you can download them and play them any time.”

“In theory, Napster should be an excellent way to provide music
on demand over the Internet. It’s a whole different thing in
practice. Most of the music you’ll find on the Internet through
Napster is pirated.”

“I’m not of the opinion that copyrights and patents are bad. But
the whole system seems to be going awry with the growth of the

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