LinuxWorld: The PowerPC penguin, Part 2 – How to set up dual-boot and Linux-only configurations

“In the second part of our series about Linux on the Mac, you
will learn how to back up your Mac OS, repartition your hard disk,
and install the LinuxPPC 2000 distribution on your Mac.”

“Although we describe installing the LinuxPPC 2000 distribution
below, most procedures also apply to the other Linux-on-Mac
distributions like Yellow Dog or SuSE for PPC. The installation can
be divided into three steps: backing up your existing Mac OS,
planning and partitioning your hard drive, and installing Linux
itself and configuring the boot loader. If you’ve ever installed
Linux on a PC, you are familiar with the whole process. In general,
the easiest part is installing Linux itself and the hardest part is
configuring the boot loader and repartitioning the hard drive. In
any case, you should first back up important files from Mac OS and
be prepared to lose your current Mac OS installation.”

“If you just want to give Linux a try without risking data loss,
you can use LinuxPPC Lite. It resembles many small distributions
for the PC that can be installed inside an existing OS without
repartitioning the drive. LinuxPPC Lite can boot from a zip disk,
removable SCSI disk, or any other bootable drive. No risk, no
fears, no extensive documentation reading — just fun with


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