LinuxWorld: The tale of the gratuitous GUI

“Red Hat 6.1 has some interesting new twists, including, if you
so choose, a graphical install tool. I prefer the text-based
routine, but there are plenty of others who disagree with my choice
of the path less pixeled. Luckily for me, Red Hat offers options in
the matter….”

“Regardless of which interface selected, the path is familiar to
anyone who has installed Red Hat before. You choose the language,
identify your keyboard and mouse type, pick the type of
installation you want, and partition the disk if needed; you
configure LILO, network, time zone, root password and user account,
password type, and X server; and, finally, you select the software
packages to be installed.”

I found it ironic that the GUI install, which is intended
to make the process easier, doesn’t really. In fact, in some cases,
it doesn’t at all. For instance, during network configuration, the
GUI install asks you for network and broadcast IP addresses. In a
text install, the question isn’t necessary.

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