M2 Presswire: Corel signs strategic licensing deal with Ultimatte… [for Knockout]

“Corel Corporation… has entered into a licensing agreement
with Ultimatte Corporation. …grants Corel the worldwide,
perpetual right to distribute the PC and Macintosh versions of
Ultimatte’s KnockOut software application on a stand alone basis
and as part of Corel applications. …Corel has been granted a
license to the source code for the KnockOut software…”

“The KnockOut software product offers a groundbreaking new
method for defining digital masks. This masking technology
enables users to create seamless composites that preserve fine
such as hair transparencies, smoke, motion blur and
shadows. Users can easily select the object that they wish to mask
out of a digital photograph by drawing selection lines that define
the inner and outer boundaries of the object. The software then
outputs a processed foreground (the object with the background
colors removed) and a channel that preserves all of the
transparencies of the original.”

“Corel has been a leader in the high-end graphics market for
over 10 years. It recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its
CorelDRAW software…”

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