M2 Presswire: Fujitsu Siemens Computers: Proven high-availability solution makes Linux failsafe

“Fujitsu Siemens Computers today presented the high-availability
solution RMS (Reliant Monitor Software) for the open operating
system Linux. The use of RMS ensures that applications running on
Intel-based Primergy servers under Linux will in future be
failsafe. In the configurationdemonstrated, two active Primergy
servers back each other up in such a way that if one server fails
the other will automatically immediately handle all the functions.
The user data is kept permanently available via a common
RAID-configuration fiber-channel memory subsystem. Typical
application areas for the new solution include e-commerce as well
as Web and application servers that require a particularly high
level of availability. A high-availability R/3 solution based on
Linux is also planned.”

To make Linux suitable for corporate application, Fujitsu
Siemens Computers has transferred the proven cluster solution RMS
from the Unix-based RM servers onto Linux.
This enables two
Intel-based Primergy servers to be combined to form a
high-availability cluster along with an “S40-DF” fiber-channel
array. In the event of a hardware or software error the common data
can quickly be used by the active system without shutting down
operations or using a conventional SCSI switch – and without the
user noticing anything has happened. Using a private Ethernet and
IP aliasing (in other words dynamic switchover of a network
address) an RMS cluster ensures that the attached clients can
access applications and network services without interruption.”

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