M2 Presswire: HP’s Linux customers gain flexibility from free VMware software

“Hewlett-Packard Company and VMware, Inc. today announced
initial results of their joint promotion of free VMware software on
HP VISUALIZE PL450 and XL550 Personal Workstations for Linux
desktop customers. According to HP and VMware, approximately 30
percent of HP’s and VMware’s European customers took advantage of
the offer in its first month, December 1999.”

VMware software gives Linux users easy access to multiple
operating systems running concurrently on a single computer,
offering the benefits of increased flexibility and stability.

This means that customers buying high-powered Linux workstations
can retain access to the Microsoft Windows applications they need.
HP’s decision to offer VMware software further expands the
development of Linux as a high-quality operating system that meets
the needs of a wide range of highly demanding applications.”

“We believe that the nature of computing is changing in such a
way that desktop flexibility will be a key factor in the growth of
the industry,” said Marc Bothorel, HP VISUALIZE Personal
Workstation product manager, Europe. “At HP, we want to be at the
leading edge of this growth, and offering VMware to our Linux
customers takes us one step closer to achieving this goal.”

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