M2 Presswire: SILICON GRAPHICS: Release further extends proliferation of OpenGL across all operating systems

“Silicon Graphics has released GLX source code into the Open
Source community, setting the stage for OpenGL API hardware
acceleration on Linux and other platforms based on the UNIX
operating system. GLX is a software layer used for integrating
OpenGL and the X Window System, allowing OpenGL to render 3D
graphics into an X window. GLX also operates seamlessly over
networks, displaying OpenGL content to remote computers. This
announcement marks the latest advancement in Silicon Graphics’
long-standing mission of expanding the marketplace for 3D graphics
and visualization and ensuring OpenGL as its foundation.”

“Silicon Graphics is working with Red Hat Software, Inc. and
Precision Insight, Inc. to enhance the GLX source code for use with
XFree86 – a freely re-distributable implementation of the X Window
System that runs on Linux and UNIX-like operating systems. In
addition, Precision Insight will create a software framework for
building accelerated 3D drivers, from which XFree86 developers and
hardware vendors can build drivers for specific graphics boards.
This framework will enable high-quality, high-performance 3D
graphics using OpenGL.”

“The release of this source code by Silicon Graphics is
significant to the rapid advancement of technology,” said Robert
Hart, director, Technical Alliances, Red Hat Software, Inc. “This
assures that developers currently utilising Linux will be able to
seamlessly integrate OpenGL API’s first-rate 3D and 2D graphics
into their applications.”


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