M2 Presswire: Wizard Software launches Watchdog ‘light’ for Linux

“Wizard Software has announced the release of a light version of
its tried and trusted clustering software, Watchdog. This new
low-priced version for Linux is particularly aimed at small and
medium-sized businesses, which want to improve the availability and
performance of their web, firewall and news or mail servers.”

The new light version of Watchdog for Linux, has been
designed by Wizard Software to meet the demands of the expanding
Linux market.
According to an IDC survey the number of Linux
users has risen by 212% in the last few years, and this number will
be even greater in the next few years. In particular small and
medium-sized businesses in the e-business sector are increasingly
opting for this affordable and reliable operating system….”

“Watchdog, the high availability software solution has been
available for Linux since the middle of 1999. It not only enables
the configuration of highly available Linux clusters, but also the
integration of other platforms, such as Solaris, into a
heterogeneous high availability system. In addition, Watchdog uses
redundant system resources to improve performance and load
balancing and guarantees the continuous operation of server
applications and network services, twenty-four hours a day, seven
days a week. In contrast to the standard version Watchdog Light is
limited to a maximum of three software objects, two nodes and one

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