MachineOfTheMonth: Are you ready for the console?

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“I had to laugh when I read Joe Barr’s story on his amazing
Debian GNU/Linux install attempt. Here is someone that wants his
linux install to be easier. At least for it to work. But once he
got it working, or close enough, he still didn’t have a mouse or
the X window system set up. Big problem? That’s what we’ll take a
look at here….”

But one thing I hope you’ll consider is that to have a
fully functioning system that can allow us to do almost all our
work from the console is very valuable.
One reason for this is
that console apps seem to be less. Smaller filesizes, less resource
useage, and that’s good for a number of reasons. That means older
computers with less under the hood can effectively be transformed
into modern day cowboys.”

“And, of course, as we all know there are some people that do
effectively live in the console. All day long. But the question is,
as the web and information becomes more and more graphical and
multimedia in nature, how will they be able to keep up? But for
someone like Joe, all he wanted to do was bootstrap. This means
“Ok, my mouse and X windows aren’t working. I want to check
Slashdot and Machineofthemonth.”

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