MacWeek.com: UserLand sets MacBird free

Open-source efforts took a step forward this week with
UserLand Software Inc.’s decision to release the source code for
MacBird, the company’s venerable software for creating pop-up
menus, radio buttons and other user-interface elements within

“MacBird allows designers to create and edit MacBird “cards” —
similar to Apple HyperCard stacks — using a draw program with
grouping and alignment, UserLand said. Developers can design a user
interface and attach UserTalk scripts, JavaScript scripts or URLs
to various objects in the card.”

“Developers are already picking up the MacBird code and
beginning to work with it, and UserLand CEO Dave Winer said he
hopes MacBird will be ported to the free Linux operating system as
well as Be Inc.’s BeOS.”