MadPenguin: Help Spread Firefox

[ Thanks to SilentBob4 for this link.

“Recently, the Mozilla Foundation started a campaign aimed at
placing its Firefox browser squarely in the lap of the world…
quite literally… by settings its sights on a full page
advertisement in the one of the worlds most read newspapers, New
York Times. This effort, which has gained an unprecedented amount
of exposure and interest, is the first of its kind: a global
advertisement completely designed and funded by the Open Source
community and free software advocates. The interest is massive,
being sourced by individuals and businesses alike.

“This is a monumental effort, and one which we encourage you to
take part in. It’s not often that I’ve personally endorsed a
venture such as this, but I think that this could be one of the
most important moves the Mozilla Foundation can make at this stage
in the game…”