MAILING-LIST: Linux mailing lists

As posted to C.O.L.A.

In the last few months, the traffic on the linux-kernel list
has been unbearably high, to the level of becoming a real
distraction in debugging the kernel.
In order to alleviate this problem and to give the 'off-topic
folks' their own home, 3 new mailing lists have been created:

-- [email protected]:
  Writing, proof-reading and discussing the kernel
  documentation. This is also where newbies should
  go if they can't find the documentation (not being
  able to find documentation is, after all, a lack
  of documentation).
-- [email protected]:
  Long-term OS design, feature drooling and generic
  OS science fiction. Everyone is welcome to think
  about the future of the Linux system (and the kernel
  in particular). Discussions should only move to
  linux-kernel as soon as we reach the debugging stage.
-- [email protected]:
  GPL, BSD, Artistic, LGPL, MPL, QPL, PD, etc...
  It's a jungle out there, a legal jungle. Make sure
  you (and others) don't get lost in it. Help map out
  the legal jungle or find out your own (in)abilities
  and legal risks.
You can subscribe to any one of those lists by sending a message
  <[email protected]>
with a message body of:

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me:
  <[email protected]>

Lists at nl.linux.org:

  eulug-action            Activities to do with your LUG
  eulug-announce          Announcements of activities and projects
  eulug-devel             Development list (for programmers and gurus)
  eulug-help              Help list (for mere mortals)
  eulug-misc              Other discussions, fun URLs and the latest news
  kernel-doc              Linux kernel documentation; writers and users.
  linux-future            Future developments of the Linux kernel
  linux-legal             Legal aspects of Linux and Open Source

The EULUG lists are mainly of interest to European folks,
see <http://humbolt.nl.linux.org/eulug/> for more information.
The other 3 lists are for a worldwide audience.

There are HTML-ized and normal mailing list archives available
from <http://humbolt.nl.linux.org/lists/>.