Managing Persistent Data with Doctrine 2 PHP ORM

“Under development for more than two years, the first stable
release of Doctrine 2 was made available this past December. This
release provides users of PHP’s leading object-relational mapper
with even more expansive capabilities for effectively managing data
and relations using a convenient object-oriented interface.

“I’ve been using Doctrine 2 in conjunction with the Zend
Framework for several weeks now, and already wonder how I ever got
along without it. In this article I’ll introduce you to Doctrine 2,
helping you to get familiar with some of the key features at your
disposal when using this incredibly powerful persistence

“By the way, Doctrine 2 takes advantage of several features
available only to PHP 5.3, meaning you’ll need to upgrade to at
least PHP 5.3.0 before continuing with this tutorial.”

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