Matthias Elter: HEAD openend [Update on KDE 2/2.0.1 Releases]

From the KDE Developer Mailing List:


I have created a KDE_2_0_BRANCH branch for kdeadmin, kdebase, kdegames, 
kdegraphics, kdelibs, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim, kdesupport, 
kdetoys, kdeutils, kdoc, koffice and kde-i18n.

HEAD is now open for feature commits. But before you start, read the 
following instructions. Please take these rules serious, as we all want to 
get 2.0.1 and 2.1 releases out as fast as possible.

As of now we have two CVS branches. HEAD, intended for KDE 2.1 developement 
and KDE_2_0_BRANCH intended for citical bugfixes which will be released as 
KDE 2.0.1.

The goal for the 2.0.1 release is to give the translators and documentation 
writers a chance to finish their work of translating and documenting the KDE 
2.0 applications. It is cirtical for their work that no message strings are 
changed in the KDE_2_0_BRANCH branch. Fixing critical bugs and closing 
security holes is also a goal of the 2.0.1 release.

As we aim for iterative and more frequent releases from now on, KDE 2.1 is 
scheduled for March 2001 and will contain kdelibs&kdebase only. The other 
packages will be released seperately and potentially more often than the base 

- checkout with: cvs -z6 co -P 
- open for feature commits
- open for message string changes
- kdelibs and kdebase will be released as 2.1 in March 2001

- checkout with: cvs -z6 co -P -r KDE_2_0_BRANCH 
- bug fixes only
- no message string changes unless you get permission from kde-i18n-doc
- will be released as 2.0.1 in about 4 weeks from now
- will be closed after the 2.0.1 release

Bugfixes that are commited into KDE_2_0_BRANCH _have_ to be ported to HEAD as 
well. Fixes that go into HEAD _should_ be backported to KDE_2_0_BRANCH if you 
as the maintainer of app XYZ think it is important.


P.S.: David Faure was kind enough to take over the time consuming release 
dude job for the next few releases after 2.0. Please contact him instead of 
me now for 2.0.1 and 2.1 release questions. Thanks David. :-)
Matthias Elter

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