Mavizen’s 130 MPH TTX02 Electric Motorcycle Runs on Linux

“Mavizen has decided to offer a new electric bike based on the
previous winner of the TTXGP so that other teams can have a solid
foundation to build on for next year. The TTX02 is based on the KTM
RC8 with a Agni powerplant. The twist is that they call it a
“laptop on wheels” because of all the electronics it packs on top
of what is strictly required to control the electric motor
(dash-mounted computer that runs Linux, has wifi connectivity and a
web-server, etc).

“All this hardware and software might seem overkill for a racing
bike, especially since it no doubt adds a bit of weight, but it
probably compensates for that by giving the teams who will buy one
more information about their performance and more ways to customize
the ride. If the bike is able to tell you in great details how
you’re doing, it’s probably easier to make adjustments (both to the
bike itself and to the way it is driven) to shave off precious
seconds from your laps”

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