Microsoft Moves Bring Attention to Mono

NewsForge: Miguel de Icaza: WinFS No Threat to Mono

“The WinFS threat to Mono that Mark Driver pointed out at the
recent Gartner AD Summit stuck in my mind. I decided to check with
Mono project founder and longtime free software developer Miguel de
Icaza for his view on the subject.

“The question I asked de Icaza was this: Mark Driver claims that
WinFS will mean the end of Mono because it will severely break
compatibility. Do you have a view on this…?”


Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The Mono ‘Experiment’

“At Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference this week, I
was able to spend some time with Miguel de Icaza, pictured at
right, the leader of the open-source Mono development project. If
you’re not familiar with Mono, it’s a software development system
that, in simple terms, mimics the core of Microsoft’s .NET
development system in a way that lets .NET developers write
programs for Linux and other operating systems. More significantly,
it also can be used to convert existing Windows programs, written
using .NET, in…”

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