Midgard 1.1 is out!

Thanks to Henri
for this announcement.

The Midgard Project has has released a new version of
Midgard Application Server Suite. The new release contains Midgard
core libraries, a PHP-based Web Application Server for the Apache
platform and the needed Web-based administration

The release can be obtained from: http://www.midgard-project.org/download/

For further information, please visit the Midgard web site at

This release

The 1.1 “Iron River” is the second major release of the Midgard
Application Server Suite. It contains a number of new features and
improvements that have been requested by web developers after the
initial “Land Rover” release went public two months ago. These new
features include file attachments, cookie authentication, enhanced
URI mapping and more flexible article and topic handling.

Midgard now interfaces more cleanly to the PHP code base and
we’re hoping that this release will be a starting point for a
closer co-operation between the Midgard and PHP development
efforts. Eventually we’ll hope to integrate the content handling
parts of Midgard to the official PHP releases as a separate Midgard
module. As a precaution the 1.1 adds a “mgd_” prefix to all Midgard
PHP functions in order to conform to the PHP module naming

An improvement over the “Land Rover” series is that we’ll now be
releasing also patches that Midgardize a PHP source package. This
will allow us to better keep up with rapid PHP development.

While the “Iron River” release is an improvement from the “Land
Rover” series, it still lacks some features that we would like to
add to the system. Documentation is still sparse although some
documentation efforts have been made.

The following things have changed after the “Land Rover”

  • flexible article and topic handling.
  • Midgard now supports cookie-based authentication
  • URI mapping now supports directory prefixes for host
  • Attachment support was added by including a new record type
    called “file”
  • New fields have been added to many record types. Especially the
    topic and article records now contain a number of custom fields for
    storing extra information.
  • The field “content” of style elements was renamed to “value” to
    be more consistent with the overall naming structure.
  • Midgard functions of PHP now have a “mgd_” prefix. You can
    however use the old function names if you give the
    –with-old-midgard configure option to Midgard-PHP.

Because of lacking documentation, all new users of Midgard are
encouraged to subscribe the Midgard
mailing list
at [email protected] for
installation and usage support.

The Midgard Project would also like to invite all interested
persons and organizations to take part in the development process.
The Midgard Project is a challenging one with lots of promise and
will surely be rewarding to all who participate.