Midgard 1.4 “Bifrost” has been released

Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 18:24:43 +0100 (CET)
From: Henri Bergius bergie@s001.nl.envida.net

To: marty@linuxtoday.com
Subject: Midgard 1.4 “Bifrost” released

Midgard 1.4 “Bifrost” released

HELSINKI, DEC 26TH 2000 — The Midgard Project Ry has released a
new version of Midgard Content Management and Application Serving
Suite. The new release contains Midgard core libraries, a
PHP3-based Web application server for the Apache platform and
Asgard, the Web-based administration interface.


Midgard 1.4 brings numerous enhancements to the Midgard 1.x
architecture. A number of bugs have also been fixed since the
Midgard 1.2.5 release.

The Bifrost release holds many new features, including:

– Object-Oriented data handling is now supported
for all Midgard data, bringing flexibility and easier programming

– Midgard now includes Repligard, a powerful XML-based
replication system

– Same Midgard server can now host multiple virtual databases
using the SiteGroup system

– Midgard now includes a new administration interface, Asgard.
The interface is available for many languages including English,
German, Spanish, French and Dutch

– Midgard data can now be served from the file system using
XML-based FileTemplates

This release is the first one wholly built by Open Source
developers around the world, with only minor additions made by the
original development team. It has also been sponsored by various
companies, including major support by Aurora, a French software

While the Bifrost release still relies on the PHP3 scripting
language, a patch to support PHP4 is coming, and will be released
in January.


Midgard 1.4 is an Open Source (OS) content management system
based on Apache and MySQL. The system uses PHP as its scripting
language. The application and documentation are licensed LGPL, GPL
and GFDL which ensures developers, webmasters, ISPs, and business
managers that they’re investing in a strategy that grants everyone
the freedom to share solutions and participate in the application
design. While Midgard will always implement an OS development to
publishing solution, future releases will include APIs for
implementing commercial applications. Midgard works on most common
UNIX platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.

Midgard already has a quite good set of features for creating
powerful web sites, and is being used with successful results by
some commercial and un-commercial organizations. But this is not
where the development will end; rather, the development team also
has more ambitious goals about revolutionizing the way people think
about Web development.


The Midgard core libraries are distributed under the GNU Library
General Public License, a license which permits the software to be
freely used so long as it is dynamically linked or the user can
relink it to new versions of the libraries. This is the same
license used by the Linux C libraries. This licensing scheme
qualifies Midgard as free software developed with an Open Source

The Midgard-based administration tools and usage examples in the
Midgard packages are distributed under the X Consortium license,
which doesn’t impose any conditions on modification or
redistribution of source code or binaries other than requiring that
copyright/license notices are left intact. The new administration
site, Asgard, is licensed under GPL.

Official Documentation is licensed GFDL which supports the Free
Usage principles defined by the GPL for code.



Bug reports and enhancement requests on Midgard 1.4 can be
submitted to the Midgard Bug Tracker at

Users are also encouraged to join the discussion on the Midgard
user mailing list. Information on subscribing can be found from
http://www.midgard-project.org/article/996.html THE MIDGARD

Midgard Project Ry (MPRy) is a nonprofit organization founded in
Helsinki, Finland for the advancement of Midgard by guaranteeing
free usage to developers and users. MPRy is responsible for
governing copyrights for the major components of the Application.
Voting members of the board are a volunteer group of professional
software engineers who are responsible for managing the core
distribution and coordinating development.

MPRy promotes Midgard by publishing a Web site, mailing lists
and newsletter. The organization represents Midgard by
participating in IT events, arranging training, Public Relations

To support its operations, MPRy accepts donations and collects
membership fees. MPRy may choose to publish and sell supplemental
Midgard products. Membership to the Midgard Project is open to


Alexander Bokovoy, Midgard 1.x branch maintainer ab@avilink.net

Henri Bergius, chairman, MPRy
+358-40-525 1334


-- Henri Bergius -- +358 40 525 1334 -- Henri.Bergius@iki.fi --

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