miniGL Project seeks to port OpenGL to Palm

“The goal of the miniGL project is to allow for easy porting
of 3D OpenGL code to the PalmTM Computing platform.
While the
color-rendering abilities of the PalmTM OS are limited, the general
geometry transformations and rendering functions are to be
supported. The purpose of this library, apart from being an
intellectual pursuit, is to allow users the world of 3D interaction
on the smaller, portable platform of PalmTM OS, for applications
from mobile architectural modelers to interactive simulations or
games. By allowing developers the ability to take OpenGL code
straight into the smaller platform, porting time is cut

“The miniGL library seeks to achieve OpenGL 1.1 compatibility
(at least in the sense that you can compile it; many functions will
simply be stubs due to hardware limitations). The goal of the
library is to allow compilation of OpenGL code in a PalmTM
development environment with changes only to the display- and
machine- specific wrappers.”

“The current release version is 0.2. There is no stable version.
The development version is available for download from the link
below, but should be downloaded for curiosity’s sake only at this

“miniGL is copyright 2000 Digital Sandbox, Inc, and is
released under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public