More about Moblin on the Nettop (Part 3)

“What I actually want to concentrate on this time, however, is
the desktop and its various parts. As a long-time Unix/Linux user,
programmer and administrator, I still find the Moblin desktop very
strange, and uncomfortable. That is because Moblin is aimed at
ordinary users, who want to use their netbook, MID, laptop, nettop
or whatever like an appliance, generally for social networking, web
browsing and the like. As such, the things I am interested in, and
accustomed to, are tucked away in rather obscure places, or just
not available on the desktop at all, and I have to dig around to
find them. Ah well, in the end that is probably a good thing, so
let’s just look at what it actually has and what it does.

“The desktop is designed with a number of different “zones” or
sections, which are laid out on a toolbar across the top of the
screen. The first of those, which comes up on boot by default, is
“myzone”, which gives a general overview of what you have been
doing on the computer recently, and some things that you are
specifically interested in. That screen is divided into three
parts, the first of which shows “Recent and Current Activities”,
such as calendar appointments and to-do lists, and below that are
shortcuts to your favorite applications. The second section shows
recently accessed web sites and local files, such as multimedia
files (photos, videos and music), text and graphic documents and

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