Moshe Bar: MOSIX 1.5.0 for Linux 2.4.12 is out (finally!)

Moshe Bar

Hi everybody

MOSIX 1.5.0 for Linux 2.4.12 and MOSIX 1.5.1-Pre4 for Linux 2.4.13 (for 
testing) are ready for downloads at our Mosix.org website as usual. 

Changlog for MOSIX 1.5.0:

 - Upgrade to Linux 2.4.12
 - Fixed a bug in /proc/{pid}/maps
 - Fixed a rare memory-management bug while migrating
 - Fixed a bug relating to remote process-ID with CLONE_THREAD
 - Fixed a bug in SETPE (when adding new node(s) to the cluster)
 - Fixed a bug in MFS (when contacting a non-existent node)
 - Added a warning when supplying improper dfsa-specification as mount-option
 - Fixed a clash between DFSA and devfs

Kindly report any bugs to the usual bugs mailing list. 

Have fun with it!

Moshe Bar
The Mosix Team

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