MozillaQuest: Mozilla Milestone 0.7 Browser-Suite Released

“The Mozilla Organization released the Milestone Mozilla 0.7
edition of its Mozilla browser suite today. The latest Mozilla
Project development roadmap lists Mozilla 0.7 for a December 2000
release. However some last minute problems and the winter holidays
delayed release of Mozilla 0.7 until today.”

“The new Netscape 6 browser suite and the upcoming NeoPlanet
browser are based upon the cross-platform Mozilla browser-suite.
Browser-wise, today’s Mozilla 0.7 release is some two-months
more developmentally advanced than the Netscape 6.0 browser suite,
which was released on November 9, 2000.”

“The milestones are intended to be periodic check points for
progress on the project, stability of builds, porting status, and
are entry points for additional mozilla (sic) contributors to
provide testing and engineering help on the project.” (Project Sea

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