MSNBC: Linux for the Masses

[ Thanks to Bryan
for this link. ]

“Linux for the masses comes courtesy of Lycoris, which, like a
certain other software company, is based in Redmond, Wash. In fact,
Lycoris used to be called Redmond Linux and that name survives in
what pops up on your screen when its operating system, Desktop/LX,
begins booting.

“Historically, Windows has been somewhat easier to install on a
desktop computer than Linux. (I know I’ll receive a lot of e-mail
about this.) In the early days, you had to know a lot about your
computer to install either one. Since then, both operating systems
have become a lot easier to install, with Windows getting the
slight edge in the ‘pressing-the-button-and-walking-away’ category,
if not in speed…”


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