MSNBC: Time is on Microsoft’s side

“Microsoft throughout the trial pounded the table and insisted
that competition was “already here” and that, in fact, the rising
tide of Linux and other like operating system was ready to wash
over it. Given that, the company’s lawyers said, it couldn’t
possibly have a monopoly.”

“Just how swiftly Linux or some other operating system
actually cuts into Microsoft’s Windows monopoly isn’t known, but
even the indication that an alternative is beginning to make in
roads could dramatically effect the outcome of the Microsoft
, said professor Lande.”

“The whole point of the remedy isn’t to punish, it’s to
restore competition to the market,”
Lande said. And if, during
the appeals process, it looks like the market has itself taken
action to sufficiently erode Microsoft’s monopoly, “then you don’t
need a remedy,” Lande said.”


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