Mylex Announces Support for Linux Across Entire RAID Controller Product Line; Mylex Linux Support To Speed Corporate Adoption of the Popular Operating System

“In a move expected to greatly accelerate corporate adoption of
the popular Linux operating system, Mylex Corporation today
announced broad support for Linux across its entire product line.
Mylex is the world’s leading RAID controller vendor in the
non-captive network systems marketplace, and supplies eight of the
top ten PC server vendors.”

“Linux’s popularity has recently burgeoned, due to its robust
handling of Web applications. Linux’s popularity has been further
fueled by the growing open source movement, where thousands of
programmers donate their expertise to extend the functionality of
Linux and support its users.”

“‘Mylex’s decision to make their entire product line Linux
compatible should benefit Linux-friendly IS developers greatly,’
said Sandra Steere Potter, senior analyst, Linux services at
Aberdeen Group, Inc. ‘With developers able to incorporate Mylex
RAID support in their Linux offerings, there will be increased
interest at the enterprise level in evaluating Linux as a
cost-effective alternative OS.'”