mystBurn 1.1.2-83 free edition is out ( english and german )

Nicolas Hayden

i have not jet found any cd-recording program under
linux , which support all major cd-formats like ISO9660, RockRidge,
all Mac formats, packet-writing, on the fly copying of cd’s and
simultaneous writing on more than one recorder and being at the
same time easy to use. this are the reason why this program was
first released at the end of 1998 for our live!CD(t) Linux system.

from then till now there where many new features introduced and
bugfixes done. new is the possibility to make TAR-backups on more
then one cd ( not includet in free version. in the free version
there can be only made tar-backups on hd ), using “on-fly” that is
without first making image and then record it.

the first cd in the backup set is automaticaly equipped with
minimal linux-system which makes it possible to boot from it and
then restore the whole backup set. in version 1.1.2-76 ( or higher,
not free version ) it is possible to make bootable multisession
cd’s. bootable and multisession cd’s can be made “on-fly”.new to
are the possibility of recording on dvd-recorder ( tested on
pioneer dvr-s101 ). dvd-recording are not possible in the free
version of mystBurn.

the free version of mystBurn 1.1.2-83 can now be downloadet in
german and english. it is be a frontend for cdrecord and mkisofs (
not a stand-alone version that no need this tools ). for this
reason there are many features of the full version of mystBurn are
not possible. this not includet features are the tar-backup
function ( you can only made tar backups on harddisk ), the
bootable-cd, multisession and dvd-recording. the reason for it is
that this featrues are inpossible solong cdrecord and mkisofs will
be used. when you need this features, you must get the full-version
of mystBurn that no need any external tool ( and use our own
routines for cdrecording

you can find mystburn at : http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Bridge/5681/mystb.html

best regards

Nicolas Hayden