NAA TechNews: Can Linux Run Your systems?

Andrew Bowser wrote in
with this:

Here’s a link to a story I wrote for TechNews, which is
published by the Newspaper Association of America. Feel free to
link it to Linuxtoday.com.

Your regular readers will probably bristle at: “With a lack of
technical-support services [for the Linux OS] from large,
recognizable software vendors…” written before (hardware vendor)
Compaq made its announcement. We struggled for a non-FUD way to
characterize the emerging but still-limited nature of Linux support
services in 10 words or less. It’s not easily summarized in a
single line, but that’s what we deal with when we are competing for
page-space with other articles. In an ideal world, I could have
phrased it, “With a lack of technical-support services from a
vendor that your pointy-haired boss has heard of…”

Nevertheless, the article contains several examples of Linux
in use in various organizations, and appears to be a fairly
positive piece. -lt ed


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