NB: John Patrick Dreams, Internet World 2000 Listens

“John Patrick describes himself best. ‘I am Vice President
of Internet Technology at IBM Corporation,’
he says. ‘My job
is Chief Technology Officer for IBM’s Internet activities. Some
people call me the strategist, some call me a visionary, and some
call me chief dreamer.'”

“To the hundreds of people who packed the main auditorium of the
Los Angeles Convention Center to hear him give the first
afternoon’s Keynote Address at Internet World Spring 2000, he was
all three, as he spoke about his vision of the future of the

“A major aspect of the new Internet will be its ease of use.
Open architecture, shared source codes and, for Patrick, the
development and enhancement of Linux, will make accessing Internet
content much easier.”

“Patrick makes no bones about his feelings for Linux, which
he also calls a ‘game-changer.’
Linux is not, Patrick said,
based 90 percent on a cult following and ten percent on discipline.
Rather, he would reverse the percentages. ‘Linux,’ he said, ‘levels
the playing field.'”

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